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    East Texas Lake House

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    East Texas Lake House

    Post by Lady Blues on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:11 pm

    Since Robert went out to East Texas to see his uncle Gary he has been so excited about the lake front property he found and all the possibilities.  bounce He worries about money and going back to work just as I do.  Sad I loved all the pictures he sent me and we look at them every night together and talk about the things we would do like the color of the roof, painting the house and deck, how we would decorate inside and out. I love the property and Robert does too, the only problem is it is in probate as the former owner passed away.  There is a huge shop to setup his man cave for his music and guys get together area and a large carport for a motorhome, he would like to enclose the carport to store his antique cars.  It also has a wonderful sun room for plants and relaxing, that would be my escape. I'd like to decorate it in a seascape with sculptures, stained glass and a corner set aside for a couple of papasan chairs, lamp and table with lots of plants. The place is full of windows with double glass doors leading from the living room to the sun room. flower

    The kitchen would also need some work, the lights would need to be replaced with brass or hammered brass  lamps, the counter tops would also need replacing as well as the stove as it is a glass top and we want a gas stove so we can use our cast iron pots and pans. The cupboards are dark wood with hammered brass handles and hinges that really fit the look and feel for the older antique theme we want.

    Curtains and blinds for that place would cost a fortune but it would so be worth it to see the transformation. We talked about a raised bed outdoor garden that was fenced to keep the critters out and where to put the dog kennel. There is also a double door garage and storage space. I'd like to put another kennel in there for when the weather is bad but have not broached that subject yet. A chest freezer and an upright would give us plenty of freezer space as we are both avid fishermen.  sunny

    I would be working after the move out to the lake house but I don't mind, I've been off work so long now that not working is not an option for me. I would never make the kind of money Robert makes but I want to be able to contribute and not be a burden.

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