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    East Texas Retirement Home

    Post by Lady Blues on Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:44 pm

    cheers We got the financing for our new home, Robert and I are SOOOOOO Happy.  bounce Now we have to pack and move. I've already started going through things and will be working everyday on sorting through the house. Robert is bouncing off the walls and chomping at the bit to get out to East Texas. I am so thankful he messaged me that day in LoH, funny thing is neither of us were looking for anyone. The fates work in mysterious ways. I told Robert a long time ago that sometimes it takes years to find the person you are meant to be with and that is so true in our case. Even 5 years ago we would have been wrong for one another but today we are a perfect match. We have so much in common and where he is more of an extrovert I am more of an introvert. We compliment one another in most every way. He can be high strung and antsy where I am far more laid back and easygoing. We have made many plans for the new house and will see all our dreams for the lake house a reality.

    We got the financing on our retirement home, Robert is over the moon. Got it for $190,000. The executor is fixing the roof and they are having to have 16 pilings under the house that are made out of wood replaced with concrete, that is supposed to be done today and can be inspected tomorrow. The closing date is set of the 3rd of August but will hopefully be done tomorrow. Called the insurance agent about insuring the house and property. Roberts aunt Vena and uncle Gary bought some hardwood flooring they can't put in their house due to the fact that their carpet was glued down....who does that ?? Vena wants the peddle boat and Robert is willing to horse trade for the flooring as Vena and Gary live just down the lake and Robert says we would be able to borrow it whenever we want.

    We have found the Kitchen counter tops, appliances, kitchen light fixtures, sink and faucet, paint, ceiling fans and other household essentials we want. We also need to buy blinds for the outer windows and and valances, there is so much light coming in that we decided not to put blinds and curtains in every window. The main windows to get blinds are the bedrooms, bathrooms and office. We will also put them out in the sun room but not on the glass panels walling the living room.

    We have to have the survey redone, something is going on with the surveyor, not sure what. I'm still working on the house everyday, I want to be ready to load the car and just be able to go when Robert says it's ready! He wants to get the flooring and painting done before I get down there and have the fence built for Bella Smile

    I will be so glad to get out of here and down to Texas, I am really looking forward to being with Robert and working on our retirement home. We can both see the direction we would like our home to go, we may not totally agree on the indoor paint scheme but we'll work it out. He really prefers earth tones and I like the pastels a bit better but I'll be able to have the bright splashes of color I love so much. I love the fact that I don't have to work outside our home. He makes excellent money and just wants me to take care of the house and be able to do the things I love like gardening, fishing, shooting, cooking, canning, quilting and other projects.

    I also know about power equipment and woodworking, I'd like to find some refinishing projects to work on and I always get great enjoyment from them.

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